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Dangerlust / Hinterland - split single by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 16th June 2005.


Dangerlust / Hinterland - split single

By Various Artists

"Touch My Ass" eh? Well, if you describe yourself as a dirty, sleazy scuzzy rock band then I might have to pass on that - I might catch something. Sheffield's Dangerlust are the band inviting us to probe their posterior, and accordingly the single is a ballsy romp through Wildhearts / AC/DC rock territory. "Touch My Ass" opens with a riff so dumb there is the suspicion it might have been dropped on the head a few times before being harnessed to a female vocal that sounds so suggestive you fear you may be getting charged 1.50 a minute to listen to it. Overall the instrumental interplay is good, and the bridge has an almost exhilarating Garbage feel to it but, like an absent postman the chorus just doesn't deliver.

Hinterland's "On and On" jives around like a rather schizoid Supergrass/Sex Pistols hybrid; the chorus here is very strong and delivered with the pugnacious gusto of both of the aforementioned bands. However the song as a whole is a bit disjointed and although its fuzzed up punk swagger is certainly enjoyable the end product seems to lack cohesion.

Although not earth-shatteringly awesome, a decent attempt on both bands parts.



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