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To Die For by Undercut

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Reviewed on 17th June 2005.


To Die For

By Undercut

Oh God here we go again. Haven't we reached our quota of tawdry predictable Coldplay tribute acts yet... oh sorry as per a quote on the press release "An edgier Coldplay" - yeah alright whatever. So they play the guitars slightly harder and the tempo gets past 60 on the opening track "To Die For" but that is about as edgy as this gets folks.

Bristol's Undercut are musically sound and vocally tuneful, and this single plods along like a wander down the street, expecting to trip up over stardom as it ambles. It never even reaches 2nd gear though and never lifts the sound aloft from the sluggish acoustic melody and cant be arsed vocals where it currently lies.

Track 2 "So Beautiful" is anything but, a horrendous constant backline guitar riff which streaks through the heartbeat and kills the vocal dead. "Backroom" replicates its predecessor and murders the vocals for the last minute of the track with yet another bizarre melody underbelly. No more please.

The thing which really grinds at me is I know these guys have a decent shot at success, I can see them merrily supporting such overrated tripe as Maroon 5 and sharing a San Miguel (with lime) backstage while comparable outfits with Keane. Expect them in a few years to be the soundtrack to the T4 programme schedule on a Saturday morning, the producers of The O.C and the like clambering over each other to sign them up for an episode where lots of bikini clad cheerleaders and jocks in muscle tops dance round a pool to the "Cool little band from Enggerland".

Oh enough, I'm going to go in a dark room and get back on my chair to rock back and forth and dribble. I might give my Mum this single; she can put it next to her Lighthouse Family collection.



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