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Crash EP by Obsessive Compulsive

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Reviewed on 1st March 2002.


Crash EP

By Obsessive Compulsive

I was looking forward to listening to this CD, because it had a female vocalist, and I just love listening to bands with female vocalists and this was no exception.

The opening track, "Crash", had me listening intently, the vocal was clear and nice to listen to, and sounded similar to Albiet's lead singer Kez. The guitars chose to just play one distorted power chord in the chorus and leave it ringing which gave it a rather dated feel. But nevertheless it was still an excellent track.

The 2nd track brought an interesting quality: vocals in the verse just over a bass line. Then it evolved into Courtney Love meets Garbage, with distorted guitars and even a bass solo! I thought this track was a very good track as it portrayed what Obsessive Compulsive are all about, they like to rock.

The third track was a very laidback affair, with the vocals over a very chilled guitar line. A slightly odd track this one, as the timing of the vocals didn't really fit with the guitar lines, which made it quite boring.

By the time of the fourth track, I thought I had heard all there was to hear, but it turned a completely different direction. Almost 80's in the guitar playing but somehow it fits and makes the track very good. I likened this to some of the newer Blondie material. An excellent track and the best one on the EP.

Obsessive Compulsive are an excellent band and I recommend anyone to go and see them. I certainly will if they play in Leeds.



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