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State Of Me by Days Of Worth

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Reviewed on 18th June 2005.


State Of Me

By Days Of Worth

There's something inherently fishy about Days Of Worth's take on metal. There's an aspect of the whole product that's not quite believable - as if it's all a facade in order for a taste of the 5 minutes of fame pie. If it is was an F1 car - it would be a Minardi, if it was alcohol - it would be a shandy and if it was a metal band it would probably be Bon Jovi's nephew trying a bit too hard to match what's gone before it. It tries so damm hard, you almost feel sorry for the fellas, but the final closing guitar solo seems so contrived and forced it's as if a bunch of suits were holding the band at gunpoint while they performed to an empty Wembley Arena, perhaps empty besides a few 12 year old wannabe metal kids stood round in a circle looking a tad embarrassed.

"It's hard to work out the state of me because of you" yelps the underwhelming chorus. Just how does the vocalist appear to put in so much passion with the resulting listeners emotion levels similar to that of him perhaps just having narrated what he's had for dinner to you? He's a mini-miracle worker, that's what he is.

I have an overwhelming fear of guilt that the single really doesn't deserve such a beating. After all it's alright - if inch perfect production, metal-lite guitars and very British wanabee Bruce Dickinson vocalists are your thing please feel free to check out Days Of Worth but for everyone else, listening to 'State Of Me' is, to put it bluntly, a waste of your valuable music listening time.



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