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Stockholm / Subside by I am Jack

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Reviewed on 22nd June 2005.


Stockholm / Subside

By I am Jack

Having only two tracks yet weighing in at nearly 14 minutes I am Jack are a DJ's worst nightmare. Short and sweet this band certainly aren't, but hey, you certainly get your money's worth. More importantly though, what about the music?

Well when first track Stockholm bursts into life (after a mere 2 minutes and 18 seconds) you get a real sense of this band's ambition, and boy is it huge! Musically they can't be faulted with guitar licks coming out of the walls backed by a mid paced rhythm section reminiscent of early Verve. The only obvious downside to all of this is the bland, weak vocal which takes a back seat to virtually everything else that's going on.

Second song Subside is a touch more unorthodox with more aggressive darker melodies but still complete with the heavily delayed and reverb drenched guitars. I am Jack certainly have a lot in common with mid 90's space cadets Puressence, constructing a fragile melody then kicking you in the teeth just when you started to get comfortable.

This band's sound is massive but I can't shake the niggling feeling that the vocals should take up more of the space currently occupied by atmospherics on both tracks. Even so, I am Jack are certainly ones to watch in terms of future shows and releases and I for one am converted.



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On 24th June 2005 at 07:46 Anonymous 4117 wrote...

This band are fantastic live.



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