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Matchstick Man by 16th Round

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Reviewed on 22nd June 2005.


Matchstick Man

By 16th Round

It's actually quite hard to write decent meaningful songs about totally irrelevant rock clichés like angels crying, hard times, girls who don't pay you any attention, dragons etc, and not surprisingly like so many before 16th Round don't manage it either. Instead for the best part of this 4 song EP they sound like a ropey Bruce Springsteen covers band (that'd be the ropey acoustic Bruce as opposed to the ropey rock Bruce). The painfully over exaggerated emphasis in Wes Johnson's voice as he meaningfully sings opening words "Merthyr Tydfil..." (or "Muuurrrrtheerrr Tidveeell") is all you'll need to get a flavour of the posed growling and quivering American accented vocals that pepper this CD.

None of the four songs offer anything in the way of a new or inspiring melody but there is some reasonable acoustic guitar picking at times.



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