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Rock & Roll Queen by The Subways

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Reviewed on 27th June 2005.


Rock & Roll Queen

By The Subways

It pains me to tell you this dear readers but it's disappointment time again. I'll admit that when I heard the Subways' previous single "Oh Yeah", I liked it. It was exactly the sort of fizzed-up boot-in-the-bollocks garage punk that the current rather tepid Brit indie climate's been needing for a good year or so and, for two minutes, I had 'em up there with Towers of London as bands ready and willing to tear the whole scene a new arsehole. Then I heard this - three minutes of dull, directionless, generic plod-rock and, sad to say, it's put me right off 'em. A bad choice of single or proof that this band was just a one-trick pony all along? Guess we'll have to wait for the album to find that out. But suffice to say my expectations for it have been suitably lowered.



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