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Love Is a Number by White Rose Movement

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Reviewed on 27th June 2005.


Love Is a Number

By White Rose Movement

The very fact that this record exists in the first place is an indication that someone at Independiente reckons that there's room in the British music scene for yet one more group of student indie types with a few Gang of Four records in their collections. If that person wants to get in touch with me, I'll happily bet them a fiver that there isn't.

Records like this are a git to review - it's not that there's anything massively wrong with "Love Is A Number" - fast paced enough to ensure that you won't doze off immediately, bit of squiggly electronica chucked in to try and be individual but it's just so bloody generic, so bloody "yawn, seen it done better before" (by the Kaiser Chiefs and Franz Ferdinand in this case) that you just have to ask why all the parties involved bothered? Let's make this clear, the British alternative music scene is currently suffering from a crippling lack of individuality and ambition and unimaginative stuff like this is not helping the situation one bit.



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