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Artists Cannibals Poets Thieves by Six By Seven

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Reviewed on 27th June 2005.


Artists Cannibals Poets Thieves

By Six By Seven

I type this review having just had a quick scan of the website and find out that the band have decided to call it a day. To those of you who are aware of the band, it is probably not that much of a surprise given previous members leaving, and the farcical way the band has been treated by several labels. So, let's try and be upbeat and see if this self-financed LP is a fitting ending to it all. Keeping it simple, yes it is. Summing up briefly, the upshot of the album is the trademark nagging, keyboard heavy riffing that has increased over the past couple of LPs - so far, so good. Progress and delight in my eyes comes in "Nowhere To Go But Home", a hooky bassed piece of craft, and the following "In My Time", which could easily be Hawkwind circa Space Ritual such is the maniacal saxophone action going on here. Bloody good. "Stara Paris Rescued Me" chucks in more hookyness and ends up being a beast that would not be out of place on SFA's "Rings Around The World". "Just Get It Down" borrows cheekily the main riff from "Brainstorm" (Hawkwind again), and it occurs to me that at the end of closing wibblefest "You Know I Feel Alright Now", this probably is the most complete piece of work that Six By Seven have come up with. So an 8 year career with not so many highs and a considerable number of lows, but a substantial amount of great gigs, ends with 40 minutes of music that you need to own. Simple, eh?



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