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Sanctuary by Redcarsgofaster

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Reviewed on 27th June 2005.



By Redcarsgofaster

At first - average pub band, at second - a very credible culmination of UK rock stylings, at third - a rather immense experience plagued with the swerve and confidence of another very exciting prospect from Leicester's emerging indie scene.

Redcarsgofaster's debut release consisting of 'Sanctuary' & 'Without Measure' begins in a Killers/Bravery-esque tingling loop before over the course of 7 minutes just about encompassing every credible band of the last 5 years. It's a weird feat but it works superbly.

The verse/chorus pattern is more or less thrown out of the window on 'Sanctuary', although the chorus is undoubtedly strong in itself, but it's the final drumbeat and swirling 65daysofstatic style guitars that conclude the track that make it stand out (this despite stuttering on first play due to the shoddy CD-R the 2 tracker was recorded on!).

'Without Measure' is a more straight forward affair. Vocalist James Summer almost neglecting the underlying guitars as he speaks, more than sings the verses. A very real sense of Bloc Party et al is reminiscent on this one. All in all it will be interesting to see how these lads get on. No doubt expect to see them support anyone and everyone around the Leicester area for the next few months.



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