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Reviewed on 29th June 2005.




If the Kaiser Chiefs are Leeds' masters of all that is cheery then iLiKETRAiNS are doom merchants placed on this earth to turn all those smiles upside down with dark and ever so sinister post rock epics.

BEFORETHECURTAiNSCLOSE comes in two parts with each equally disturbing as the other. Delivered in such a cool and calm way singer Dave never seems to push himself or break into a sweat as if the topic of stalking and murder is as natural as breathing in and out which is potentially worry.

The usual suspects for post-rock influences are all here somewhere you know the ones by now, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Sigur Ros etc but at the same time there is a certain English quality that can only come from, well living in England which drives a wedge of distinction between iLiKETRAiNS and their heroes.

Each track creates a baron and bleak landscape, cold and desolate only occupied by the listener but as the music builds the paranoia rises generating a murderous atmosphere, which allows one to revel in the shadowy climax. A totally refreshing change to the usual splurge of indie guitar bands and overwhelming proof that you don't need to dress in black and play metal to scare listeners. FUCKiNG BRiLLiANT.



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