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L'via L'viaquez by The Mars Volta

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Reviewed on 30th June 2005.


L'via L'viaquez

By The Mars Volta

What's this? Everyone's favourite genre melding, afro haired nutcases The Mars Volta go funk? Believe it. Taken from their "Frances The Mute" album, the follow up to their slightly confusing debut 'De-Loused In The Comatorium', Cedric and Omar come bouncing back with this hot, steamy, dare-I-say-it, latin funk number, although Ricky Martin this most definately ain't.

Imagine Santana after a copius drug intake, make it class A, then throw him in a room packed with the finest South American musicians possible, and it's somewhere close to that. Oh, and then speed up the resulting record by half speed too, just for good measure.

It's good to see that the Volta boys aren't disappearing too far into the prog rock abyss, and if they can throw a sexed up funk single to make every pasty white boy think he's a Spanish sex god, then that must be a good thing. Strange, but cool.



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