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No Requests by Rotating Leslie

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Reviewed on 30th June 2005.


No Requests

By Rotating Leslie

Reading Rotating Leslie's biog you'd be forgiven for being ever so slightly disappointed when you actually come to hearing the accompanying CD. Unfortunately it isn't the amazing adventure you'd been led to believe. It's not the cross between The Clash, Bloc Party, ELO and countless other names which have been dropped with a resounding plop as they hit the water. Now wait, it's not bad, it's full of energy and plenty of contemporary ideas - choppy guitars, twisty drumming, angular vocals... you can certainly see where all the lazy comparisons are coming from. But "songs", "memorable melody", "hooks" those are the questions waiting to be answered and the answer in short is "not really". At first listen "No Requests" bares all the hallmarks of a pop-song but it never gets anywhere.

Reading the press blurb there are even more names dressed to impressed, those ever essentials the NME and XFM both chip in with supporting quotes. But they don't make these songs stick or seem any more familiar with each play. It just comes across like Indie Roachford - Indie that's competent but characterless.



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On 1st July 2005 at 12:20 Anonymous 904 wrote...

Is there a rotating leslie on it? Oooo, I love that sound!!!


On 1st July 2005 at 13:31 Anonymous 30 wrote...

Now that you mention it...not that I could hear


On 4th July 2005 at 13:06 Anonymous 904 wrote...




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