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Drowning by Elixir

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Reviewed on 1st July 2005.



By Elixir

After listening to this EP a vast number of times and reading through the huge press release and reviews and then searching through the over the top website the words of Bruce Campbell come to mind. "Well hello Mr Fancy Pants".

But here's my problem. Are we ready? Well here we go. Here's a band that openly brag that they've played in front of 30,000 people and that's an impressive thing. In fact I was overwhelmed but when you read further you notice something slightly upsetting. Something that leaves you feeling a little uneasy, a little distressed. For who else was playing on this bill? Well other quality acts that we all know and love such as McFly, Liberty X and Big Brovaz. That's right the amazing Big Brovaz. A band so shit that you have to rub your eyes in disbelief before pointing and laughing. So please Elixir if you're going to brag about something please in the name of God do not brag about this. In fact hide the fact that you played for 22,000 screaming 8 years old girls and their mums!

But if we actually ignore all the total bullshit that surrounds this band we actually find that their modern day take on traditional classic rock is at times impressive to say the least. "Drowning Man" stands out with John Tierney's creamy soulful vocals switching between soaring powerful wails of passion to a mere whisper while the band's prog rock hints towards the likes of Led Zeppelin amongst others.

The production of this recording is tremendous and is up there with many of today's top acts but whether this is down to nifty studio skills or someone's fat wallet we'll probably never know. Either way it lifts the rest of the EP from being something of mediocrity.

With inoffensive music, a clean-cut image and what seems like an endless flow of cash behind them Elixir and their raw rock and roll wagon are bound to move forward. But the reality is that while they may enjoy success they will never be important.



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