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Ghost by Icarus Sister

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Reviewed on 1st April 2002.



By Icarus Sister

Icarus Sister have the ideas and the attitude. But they hesitate in their achievement. They have three songs in minor keys and a confidence in the truth of their own feelings. But they don't fully convert them into a significant recording. They're just another band with guitar bass drums and a singer trying to sound like something in the small gap between Radiohead and Muse.

Ghost is a mournful traipse through the wet leaves on a tired walk home from Heartbreak Central. The rhythm section kicks the railing half way home and defiance lifts a skinny fist, but it is a lonely song with a bleak tune and little hope.

The musical ideas in Always Mine and Six Eight are lightly varied and the production is more than competent, but they don't lift me through misery like the best songs can. My attention wanders and the sweet but fragile voice loses it in accidental ways that wobble between affecting and embarrassing. When the sound eventually fades there's not much left ringing in the air. It's slight and ephemeral stuff and there's no reason at all why it won't become immensely popular. Their album is due any time.



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