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A Healthy Distrust by Sage Francis

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Reviewed on 3rd July 2005.


A Healthy Distrust

By Sage Francis

I feel there's a distinct lack of hip-hop reviewed on this here website and as such feel it my duty to say a few words about this record. I even considered writing a rap but then realised I'm about as white and untalented at 'waxing lyrical' as anyone on the planet. So I'll (wisely) stick to more traditional methods.

My logic is this, it must take a damm good hook to get my attention when it comes to rap music as I invariably detest most of it profusely. Public Enemy? Beastie Boys? NWA? Okay, but few others. As Morrissey once sang "the music they constantly play says nothing to me about my life". Sage Francis is something else however. It's social comment. And social comment delivered intelligently, in style and with the vital (in my opinion) killer, intense, original beats behind it. Snoop Dogg can shove his lazy knocked up in 5 minute loops up his proverbial S Fizzle. If you're familiar with Sage's brother in arms Atmosphere you'll know in what vicinity this lies in. To an extent Francis betters even Atmosphere in many aspects. Touching on controversial topics such as religion, racism, corporatism, gun culture and many others. There are so many talking points due to the density and depth of the lyrics it's almost overwhelming. Each song throws up a differing topic for Sage to spill his opinions upon. The highlights include opener 'The Buzzkill' - (a perfect fitting birth for the record, adopting near rock sensibilities in places) and much publicised stab at wanabee protesters 'Slow Down Ghandi" which is purely a defining rap song for the half hearted rebel revolution and a great track to boot.

Sage Francis should also be credited for penning closer "Jah Didn't Kill Jonny" in the name of Jonny Cash just proving the man's impact upon many a music community. If you hate radio friendly RnB (and I don't blame you) please do not dismiss all 'urban' music as naff as some of it as relevant and thought-provoking as anything else you feel is more on your level. Give guys like Sage Francis a chance. What's the worst that could happen?



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On 3rd July 2005 at 15:13 Anonymous 6 wrote...

great album!


On 28th July 2006 at 01:13 Anonymous 5323 wrote...

This is a fantastic album and a good review. This album got me interested in hip-hop which i never really thought would be possible. Sage is a witty and exciting artist who addresses and criticises the attitude which puts many people off hip-hop as well as society at large in a way that makes you smile from ear to ear.


On 23rd March 2007 at 12:55 Anonymous 6407 wrote...

Personally, I think this album is terrible. Yes, Sage Francis shows his skill for decent poetry here and there, but this record on a whole is no where near as good OR as artistic as some of the various Independent Rap records released in both 05, 06 and 07. Yorkshire people are proving that their musical taste is extremely limited. If you are refusing to listen to Rap because you feel the lyrical content may offend your middle class ears then I have no time for your musical opinion.
Sage Francis is the result of the merge between the middle class and sensitive.

Sage Francis is terrible. I can't listen to him. His talent and image is based on being an eccentric middle class caucasion, providing an alternitive to the racist and ignorant white middle class.

Just because he's white, middle class, dorky and lyrically emotional, doesn't make him any better than Saigon, Papoose, Elzhi, Cormega, Joey Jihad, Guilty Simpson, Sean P, Zion I, Jean Grae, Jakki Tha Motamouth or even fucking YoungBuck


On 24th March 2007 at 16:06 Anonymous 6407 wrote...

And by the way,

Of course, all these super hippie, ultra liberal zombies are all full of shit. Most of their parent's are the exact people running these companies they talk so much shit about (which I wouldn't be suprised if Sage's pops/moms was one of these people)

This is why cats like this, and their whole gimmick, are not taken seriously by anyone other then their 1 shower a month indie rock homo fanbase.

Don't believe what you hear...these cats are all liars.



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