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The Dissidents by The Clerks

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Reviewed on 4th July 2005.


The Dissidents

By The Clerks

Hailing from Paris and Bramhall (near Stockport!), The Clerks are art-pop-rock glory kids, who will surely sew the seeds with this 9 track demo for much bigger things to come. Now they are over here and although you will have heard this brand of lo-fi quirk before, it never does any harm to hear some more. With a sound that is a pure blend of Eels, the long forgotten Rentals and Canada's New Pornographers (all bands you should hunt out if you haven't already) it's simple pop-melodies twisted by distorted vocals, buzzing electro synths, gritty guitars and kiddie-disco drum beats. The interplay of the nasal Maximillien and his "I don't give a f*ck" vocals with the baby-doll sighing of Alexandra is a classic pairing. Songs "The Dissidents" and "Outbreak 1" are cool as ever and the superb fuzzed up organ on "Echoin" is reminiscent of Norwich outfit Kaito. They don't always get it right and ironically some of the lo-fi posturing may be helped by some hi-fi production to let some of the interfering melodies sit more comfortably, but the highs outweigh the lows and more from The Clerks is eagerly awaited.



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