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Black Tape by The Explosion

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Reviewed on 5th July 2005.


Black Tape

By The Explosion

Old school punk taught us a lot of things, but one thing it didn't teach us was high production values - someone should have informed The Explosion. The telltale signs of twenty something angst punk are there for all to see - just brighter, shinier and you know, less punk. Nevertheless it's very enjoyable and very listenable. Just don't try and be scene by going up to a bloke with a mohawk, numerous piercings and a Clash t-shirt and call The Explosion a punk band. Don't say I didn't warn you. The Explosion are very capable of producing 3 minute odd pop-punk songs that literally sweat amounts of exuberance and energy like you've never before experienced. Delve a little deeper however and it's unlikely you'll find much of a reward. High octane from the start, you sense this band could be quite something live. Coming from the same school of punk as Alkaline Trio (to name their closest feasible musical compatriots). It's all about being the soundtrack to hanging out and having a good time. No complexities just straight up noise pollution for those adverse to smiling. "And we both know that people come and go... it's alright 'cause good friends never die" illuminating 'Mothers Cry' with its nice friendly mately sentiments. On the intensity scale the album rises no further than about a 5 on the worldly recognised Sex Pistol scale of punk with 'Go Blank' being about as ferocious as you're going to get . Johnny Rotten he say 'No'. 'Here I Am', 'I Know' and 'We All Fall Down' are about as shamelessly pop as S Club blinking 7 but can't be faulted for this shameless dropping of the proverbial punk rock curtain. To be fair The Explosion do spout some arguably more meaningful material on 'Atrocity' (unsurprisingly about the current 'War On Terrorism' climate) and 'No Revolution' (ironically about the lack of 'revolution anymore') pointing towards potential for the future in the having more of an effect than a mild distraction stakes. Hopefully in the future The Explosion will capitalize on their obvious knack for a tune to spread more of a message to the masses and step into the shoes of their predecessors as 'Black Tape' seems to usher the band desperately want to be like.



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