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Reviewed on 6th July 2005.



By Autumdivers

MySpace.com is a funny place. Millions of bands and people all coming together to try and out-cool each other on a global scale. I must admit I'm prone to a bit of MySpace nonsense, usually contacting some random people in the hope that they might like my band, but nevertheless, it's a worthwhile corner of the Internet universe as it was Autumdivers who came along and wanted to be my MySpace friend.

The intro to the album is a wonderful, barely conscious dribble of sounds, all melding into one another until something screams, and we're in to the album proper. 'Turnaround' is, like most Autumdivers songs, a long, protracted exercise in two chords, reverb and simple drumming. Not that this is a bad thing, on the contrary, it's a delightful mix of all your favourite shoegazers, thrown together and made to play acoustics. There are elements of Ride, Mary Chain, and maybe even Hood, but without the electronics.

Standout tracks 'Amend', 'Disappearing Act' and 'Get Me Out' are stunning in their own little world, as laidback stoner rock, but with less beards and drop D riffage, and more sunglasses, delay pedals and melancholy.

Maybe a bit overlong, without actually doing that much, but on the whole, the album is a pleasant antidote to the high dramas of post-rock, or the dirge of prog. It's kinda like the musical equivalent of morphine - it's unlikely to make you get up and dance, but it's excellent as wistful background music, when you need to relax and savour life's many nuances.



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