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Untitled by The Calvo Contract

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Reviewed on 8th July 2005.



By The Calvo Contract

This 3 song debut from York students The Calvo Contract is "grunge-metal"... so that'll be rock then. It motors with a fair old velocity and pulls all of the expected poses vocally and guitar wise. Self produced but not sounding all that bad for it, the band pull off an edgy vibe and with the CD cranked up, all 3 tunes have plenty of grrr. Opener "Instead" is the most memorable despite having what feels to be the most derivative guitar line... perhaps that's why. Having been recorded in their luxurious student pad it's a fair bet their neighbours just loved the double bass drum pedal action in the chorus. "Sense of December" is as dark as its title suggests but sadly goes on as long as the month itself. Closer "Reno" is back to the guitar slaughter and opens with what sounds to be a Muse inspired bass line and recording trick before returning to the safer and familiar Metallica-lite chorus. The band clearly has talent in their field but like most student bands they will undoubtedly have a limited life span before a neat haircut and a job in the bank beckons.



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