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7 Weeks by InMe

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Reviewed on 9th July 2005.


7 Weeks

By InMe

If you thought InMe were trying to be poster boys a few years ago when they emerged with debut album 'Overgrown Eden' wait until you see the video for new single 'Seven Weeks'. An army of stylists? A squadron of make-up artists? But if it all equates to a blumming good song who cares? 'Seven Weeks' is a mighty signal of intent. The best single they've produced thus far anyway. Sure lead singer and probable UK rock number 2 heartthrob if InMe approach mainstream acclaim Dave McPherson does embarrassingly scream 'Go!' at one point before the chorus hits but that can be overlooked as the chorus itself is a fairly mighty clean cut romp. McPherson's fabled near operatic high toned warble is also on evidence as he croons "You're the thorn that's in my side". The B-sides are so well produced and well formed they could quite easily fit onto the album. 'Screaming in Circles' (bad title) sounds like Reuben in hardcore mode while 'Your Pain' (as the name suggests) is a ballad of sorts "There's something in your eyes that tells me it's over", granted it's insanely cliched and very short, but it's a B-side, stop complaining. InMe have obviously worked hard to produce a single that covers the 3 aspects of their latest 'White Butterfly' album release. The shiny hookfilled pop, the hardcore-lite riffage and the heartfelt slower mellow moments. It will be interesting, if nothing else, to see how they get on.



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