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Young for Eternity by The Subways

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Reviewed on 12th July 2005.


Young for Eternity

By The Subways

Just over a year ago hotly tipped new band The Subways were handpicked by Michael Eavis to play on stage at Glastonbury and since then their rise has been nothing short of amazing; going on to support Oasis and headlining some of the most raucous music events of the year including The Camden Crawl and XFM's Xmas Party. With the likes of Zane Lowe and Steve Lamacq labelling them as 'ones to watch' as well as the gaining of support from much of the British music press, it's safe to say that there was a lot riding on debut album release 'Young For Eternity' for the Welwyn Garden trio.

Inevitably, the curse of such hype means that many will scoff at this release. No-one likes to be told what to like and so it's quite possible that many of you have already decided not to fall into the trap of calling yourselves a Subways fan. Either that or you will have listened to all the talk, become truly excited at the prospect of a new, thrilling young band and by the time you've actually gotten around to listening to the album you will have built it up so much you can't help but be disappointed. I almost fell into this latter trap. I have loved The Subways since I saw them play at The Vine last year. Their pure energy and drive did excite me in a way which I hadn't felt for a while and I enjoyed every second it seemed almost as much as the band themselves. This experience along with the impression of short, reckless, in-your-face singles 'Oh Yeah' and 'At 1am' meant that I was expecting, well, I don't know what, I guess something that would just truly knock me for six.

Yet on first listen at least, I didn't get this. I was left instead a little exasperated and with a dissatisfied feeling of 'is this it?' It all seemed a bit, well, simple really. And then it hit me, that's exactly what is exhilarating about The Subways: their blatant simplicity. Track 'Mary' epitomises this. With lyrics including 'Mary is my best friend / She makes me my tea... there's nothing in her bedroom / Just a bed and a TV', it's hardly deep stuff, but this track though ok, very immature, is one of the highlights on the album and definitely the most endearing. Billy Lunn is not trying to write angst-ridden, intricate songs, but rather is just enjoying making music and gees, when it leaves you with such a warm glow and captures such a contagious feeling of youth and vigour, who am I to criticise?

'City Pavement' and title track 'Young For Eternity' sum up the racy pop punk vibe that we have already heard from the singles, containing no airs or graces but simply providing a fast, riff-ridden, beat-rocking blast of energy, at times giving an inescapable nod to The Vines, though with a much happier front man than a mixed up Craig Nicholls. There are some surprises too, beginning with the very first track 'I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say' which kicks off with a simple acoustic performance from Billy alone, before the beat kicks in and they return to what we know them to do best. Elsewhere, we see a much more beautifully tamed side in slower offerings 'No Goodbyes' and 'Lines of Light' which also both see backing vocals from sassy bassist Charlotte Cooper working really well on a much more understated level than elsewhere on the album.

This band makes me proud to be young. I want to go out there, embrace life and find myself my very own Billy Lunn, cos you know what, we've got enough attitude-ridden indie boys out there with only themselves to think of, moaning about how bad life is for them and it is truly refreshing to find one that is sweet, loved up and happy with life, whilst managing to maintain just enough of that rock 'n' roll edge.

Don't listen to the hype, just listen to the album. Don't expect something truly revolutionary, but rather take it at face value. Yep it's na´ve in places and I'm not sure how long their youthful innocence can last, but for now I for one am gonna enjoy it, sit in the sun and thank heaven for Michael Eavis.



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On 13th July 2005 at 00:01 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

ha ha ha ha. What a load of rubbish


On 13th July 2005 at 00:12 Anonymous 3358 wrote...

I thought it was a very good article. Just because you don't agree with it doesn't give you the right to insult a well written and informative piece of work.


On 13th July 2005 at 00:17 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

Sorry I meant the band not the review. I love all lms reviewers. We are all special


On 13th July 2005 at 00:24 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

Anyway Quarry, I thought it was a very good insult. Just because you don't agree with it doesn't give you the right to insult a well written and informative piece of insulting.



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