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Untitled by Filthy Sanchez

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Reviewed on 12th July 2005.



By Filthy Sanchez

If you were thinking that the worse thing about Filthy Sanchez was their name, you're wrong! Yes it is appalling and fits the "funny when you're 14 and you know what it really means" category but the real travesty here is a lyrical one. It's a travesty because Filthy Sanchez actually have the makings of a good band: soulful acoustic guitar, natural and fantastic sounding harmonies, good song dynamics and plenty of ideas to evolve the tunes as they progress. So why, oh why, oh why, OH WHY are the lyrics so bloody cringe worthy? The sound is Ben & Jason or Turin Brakes while the lyrics are Play School level naive. How anyone can comfortably use a chorus with the couplet: "Midnight I'll be standing in the rain, Just to hear you scream my name" and then think yes that's brilliant, that's real life, frankly beggar's belief. It's all "Baby" and "Sugar" and "Tears" and "Deep Inside", it's all horrible is what it is! Change a few references from "Girl" to "Jesus" and it's happy-clappy and comfortable in the trendy church. Maybe the name is an attempt to try and counter balance the "nice" sound and make you think they are risky. It didn't work.



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On 12th July 2005 at 23:57 Anonymous 3717 wrote...


If I was in that abnd, I'd be so gutted.

But I'm not, so I find it intensely amusing.


On 13th July 2005 at 00:01 Anonymous 3716 wrote...

As do i


On 25th July 2005 at 21:48 Anonymous 4462 wrote...

You are right it is intensely amusing. Thank you Richard for finally backing up my longstanding annoyance with the filthy name, which has promptly been dropped. We have also outlawed the use of "Baby", "Sugar", "Tears" and "Deep Inside" in all of our song lyrics. However, I am very pleased that you thought our sound had "soulful acoustic guitar, natural and fantastic sounding harmonies", outstanding feedback.

Couple of things to clarify though: we do love Jesus and regularly spend our Sunday mornings ritually flagellating in front of a picture of our lady and in the evenings we all get together and contemplate the meaning...deep inside, baby. We are in no way trying to counterbalance our "nice" sound with a risqué (not risky) name. We got drunk, took the piss out of all the bands whose name began with "The", 14 year olds who play heavy metal (including our old bands) and folky acoustic Arran sweater wearing accountants with wispy beards singing about flagons of mead and buxom wenches...and then we named the band, admittedly not our finest hour. Judgement and rationale goes out the window when you've had a bottle of wreck the house and a bottle of beat the wife.

A bit of feedback on your writing style: stop using the word "couplets" and describing acoustic acts as "happy-clappy". Vary your vocabulary each time you write a piece ensuring that each article remains fresh. Your formulaic approach, whilst reducing the amount of time you have to spend thinking about a particular act, reduces your credibility. So why, oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why, OH WHY you have to repeat yourself so many times to make your point makes me wonder if you are just trying to reach the editor's word count target of 200 words with as little effort as possible. Support local bands and live music, empathise and live the dream. I'm living mine. Thank you for the review, I hope you appreciate the feedback. I have appreciated yours.

Kind Regards

Jim Flanagan


On 26th July 2005 at 09:14 Anonymous 30 wrote...

No it was shit...sorry just changing my writing style to be a little more direct.


On 26th July 2005 at 12:46 Anonymous 13 wrote...

Oh that was disappointing. Lovely review, great rseponse from Jim - but the music on the Filthy website was less bad and more good (and vice bersa) than I had imagined. Oh well.


On 26th July 2005 at 12:47 Anonymous 13 wrote...

Oh that was disappointing. Lovely review, great rseponse from Jim - but the music on the Filthy website was less bad and more good (and vice versa) than I had imagined. Oh well.


On 26th July 2005 at 15:46 Anonymous 4462 wrote...


I am pleased that you took the time to read my review. Don't apologise for changing your writing style, it's a start at least. The direct approach is always the best one, providing little room for misinterpretation. I see great promise in you as a constructive, objective and articulate journalist. The ability to assimilate, understand and act upon feedback is a vital skill in any industry. The response you have provided will no doubt increase your credibility and standing amongst your peers and has highlighted your outstanding talent. I am disappointed that you thought our album was "shit" but in the words of my great-grandfather "Where there's muck, there's brass". We have found the feedback contained within your review extremely useful and have made the necessary changes to improve our sound. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best with your future career and hope that you have found these comments helpful.

Kind Regards

Jim Flanagan


On 26th July 2005 at 16:38 Anonymous 30 wrote...

God! spot the irony you turnip. I didn't think your album was shit and stop trying to appear clever and unflustered by giving wordy and articulate responses...I really don't care. I write cause I love it, I give my honest opinion and if you can't handle it don't send your stuff in for review in the first place...jees louise!


On 26th July 2005 at 18:33 Anonymous 4464 wrote...

I agree with SamSaunder's comments above (I think) - I just HAD to check out their website after reading the review, and the samples on their website don't display any signs of cheese at all... it's actually really good stuff.
I can see both sides of the arguement - however if the lyrics mentioned in the review are the worst of them, then there's not a lot to worry about...
And to be fair, 98% of the top 40 have the word "baby" in them!


On 27th July 2005 at 14:41 Anonymous 4462 wrote...


Good to see that you've checked out the website and that you liked the samples.


Nice one. Don't think I've been described as a root vegetable before...first time for everything I suppose. I can see that you enjoy writing, it's obviously a passion, why else would you submit 250+ reviews and take the time to respond to band's comments? Keep it up you're doing a great job. I would love it if you could review the next single/EP/album we release to see if you think we've improved, I'll email the details to you at a later date. Perhaps this little episode has demonstrated that, yes, musicians do take criticism on board and can respond unexpectedly.

Receiving criticism and feedback is better than the insincerity of being patted on the back by everyone you know, at every gig you play by people saying "you're great". Bugger that for a game of darts. If everyone did that then we'd have our heads stuck so far up our arses that we could lick our own tonsils and perhaps we'd never spot areas for improvement.

Incidentally, to anyone else reading this, we've got a slot on Radio York coming up on Saturday 30th August in the afternoon and we're also playing at the Moor music festival on the 19th August, should be fantastic. Why don't you check the website out and see what all the fuss is about.

Take it easy.

Jim Flanagan


On 27th July 2005 at 15:40 Anonymous 4462 wrote...

Sorry, the radio show is 4pm - 6pm on Saturday 30th July.




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