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Lovely And Guilt Free EP by Death of Fashion

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Reviewed on 14th July 2005.


Lovely And Guilt Free EP

By Death of Fashion

With The Strokes' third album some way off, New Yoik noiseniks and archly titled band Death of Fashion have nipped in to steal the show. But, do we care?

Hmm, well, not really. See, while The Strokes kick-started the rock revival, the sound, the look and the rock star chic, they've been left behind by hundreds of bands all willing to break the mould, unafraid to venture beyond 3 chords and 6am, 20-a-day vocals. Which makes this uninspired, ripofftastic release all the more redundant.

Bland vocals squat on top of trademark jangly guitars while keyboards simmer in the background. It never gets exciting, it never gets going and it never gets past a bored as hell, coked up Strokes c-side stupor. The vocals just meander in a sea of mundanity while the melodies are polyphonic precision with circa 1975 Casio keyboards set to demo mode. It's all so uninspired and plagiarist that it makes Leeds' own asymmetrical fashion brigade look original. Come back The Strokes, all is forgiven.



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On 15th July 2005 at 09:26 Anonymous 30 wrote...

Oooo Andy...I bet you're not brave enough to name who you think is in Leeds asymmetrical fashion brigade! Why it'd be like walking round with a sign on your back saying "kick me"


On 18th July 2005 at 12:58 Anonymous 1806 wrote...

sorry, have we met or are you just passing dumb ass judgement?



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