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Gig review of Electric Mud Generator + Astral Flyers

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Reviewed on 16th July 2005.


Electric Mud Generator

Live at New Roscoe on Wednesday, 13th July 2005

So tonight sees me journeying out to the outpost known as the New Roscoe to take in two local old-skool metal bands I've heard good things about. LMS journo-credibility rating about 3 out of 10. And the first thing I see when I get in the door is the night's opening act, a group of early teen rockers (who shall remain nameless) massacring T-Rex's "Get It On" in the way that only high school bands (and let's face it, most of us were in one once upon a time) can. Yup, this should be a good 'un...

In a strange case of the bill being reversed, it's the group who were advertised as headliners tonight, the Astral Flyers, who start the evening off properly. Despite their set being plagued by technical gremlins, I'm quietly impressed by their tight brand of anthemic blues-rock which recalls early '90s glam types Cinderella (and I mean that in a good way, trust me). A band who I'd quite happily go and see again.

The evening's rounded off by Electric Mud Generator who's set can be best summed up in one word - heavy. Drawing their influences from a mix of Black Sabbath, Pantera and pre-Queens of the Stone Agers Kyuss, their songs are seven-minute plus epics of cement mixer guitar riffs, edgy vocals and rhythms heavier than a concrete brontosaurus. And, there's no two ways about it, it rocks. Quite simply, Electric Mud Generator make every other group professing to be "noise merchants" sound like complete and total wusses. Go check 'em out.



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