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Diamond for a Day by Robin Auld

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Reviewed on 21st July 2005.


Diamond for a Day

By Robin Auld

Despite his 14 albums, 2 number one hit singles, cult novel, industry awards and massive 90,000 people gigs, the chances that you have heard of Robin Auld are probably fairly slim seeing as all of the above took place in South Africa. Now he is on a mission to spread the word on UK and US shores with his latest album Diamond for a Day. There are occasional noticeable African influences namely in the familiar bright and clean guitar sounds and the traditional rhythm on some of the tracks but for the main part it is folk/rock in its straightest sense - sensible and safe, sometimes jaunty other times blues driven, mature sounding songs well within the bounds of the genre. As an album little stands out from the 13 songs that no doubt sound intimate on an acoustic guitar but sound quite ordinary padded out with a session band. A few highlights are the upbeat "You Came Back" with its distinctly sunny disposition, like wise the Paul Simon-esque pounding clap along of "I got lucky" or the catchy "Bobby come back".

The question is whether there is room for another artist like Robin Auld? There's no doubt he will appeal to fans at the mature end of the folk rock and World spectrum but he is unlikely to trouble beyond word of mouth dinner party recommendations, whom with a 14 album back catalogue on offer will have a lot to talk about.



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On 11th November 2006 at 17:21 Anonymous 6129 wrote...

Having come across Robin while researching our family name 'AULD' I contacted Robin after visiting his website.

I was very impressed with his music and have since become a friend of Robin.

He has recently returned to South Africa having lived in London for over a year. He has a new CD out called "LUXURY" I would highly recommend it to lovers of singer/songwriter style music. Hope fully Robin will be back in the UK soon. Check into his website to find out when he will be back in the UK and DONT miss him. Top quality performer. His songs need to be appreciated in a live setting. His guitar playing and singing are up there with the best!

I live in Goole E Yorkshire and have arranged gigs for Robin here and nationwide. I'll keep everyone informed as and when he is playing here again.

Can anyone recommend good venues for singer/songwriters in and around Leeds?

Billy Auld



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