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Disco Girl / Cheating by Aristocrash

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Reviewed on 23rd July 2005.


Disco Girl / Cheating

By Aristocrash

Let's get one thing straight: bitching - it's not big, it's not clever and it certainly won't help you to win any reality TV shows. Still, it could help you to make a cracking single (think Blondie and 'Rip Her to Shreds'), especially for those who choose to traverse the well-worn yet treacherous path of 'sleazy rock n roll'. Wanderers beware, get it right and acclaim and groupies alike will flock to the darkly thrilling noise; get it wrong and it's just plain embarassing for all concerned.

Manchester foursome Aristocrash manage to fall somewhere in the middle on debut single 'Disco Girl', a venomous attack on a former nightclubbing acquaintance - "you're dirty, you're trashy and you can't dance". The rumbling bass line and Stooges style dumb-and-proud riffage does create a certain seedy glamour aggressive enough for elbowing people out of the way on cramped and sweaty dancefloors, but somehow the whole affair is rather disappointing. Unwieldy lyrics and over-zealous delivery from singer Pauline Johnston let Aristocrash down.

For all its stand-offish pouting and hair-flicking contempt, 'Disco Girl' lacks enough spiteful bravado to go over and throw the first punch. Someone go spill their pint and maybe we'll really get this party started.



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