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Not Over Yet by Garlic

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Reviewed on 1st April 2002.


Not Over Yet

By Garlic

Strange one this. You'll probably remember this song from a couple of years back when it was an enormous house classic around the world for an artist going by the name of Grace. This time the song returns in an unashamedly indie guise, in fact, sounding just like Mercury Rev. Except it isn't ver Rev, it is in fact one of the guys who wrote it along with five chums.

They go by the name of Garlic and yes, you may have heard of the name before. And I don't just mean as a white bulby thing that Jamie 'Orrible and his ilk (and lots of other folks besides chefs) put in food to make it taste nice and make your breath smell like poo. No, this is Garlic's second single after 'Slave to the Summer Son' which got played a bit, a Peel session and supporting the mighty New Order.

What seems strange to me is that this is that whole farrago (can you tell I'm bitter already?) is the reverse of summat that has bugged me for a while. Do you remember that crap band (with that boring bint who subsequently couldn't get a record deal) whose name escapes me did the cover of 'Here's Where's The Story Ends' (originally written by The Sundays - you knew that, right)? Well this is that in reverse.

Then it was : Indie Choon grazes the lower reaches of the charts when released by Indie Band wot wrote it. Indie Choon turned into tossy pop becomes big hit when released by made-up band. This time we have tossy pop sounding song (well no, it wasn't that bad really) becomes big hit when released by made-up band now to be released by Indie Band featuring geezer wot wrote it in the first place.

I'm sure there's some sort of ying and yang, birth and re-birth lesson to be learnt somewhere or maybe it's just the fickle pop will eat itself nature of, well, pop. Hmmm.

Anyway to cut to the chase, this sounds good - if a little like Grandaddy and Mercury Rev. It's just that you can't get the original version out of your hieeeed afterwards...



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