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Being 747 / The Lodger - split single by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 25th July 2005.


Being 747 / The Lodger - split single

By Various Artists

There is a point in DIY Prescriptions where if you listen ever so carefully it sounds like Dave Cooke is laughing at you with a sort of "God this is good isn't it?" smirk on his face... that's because he probably is. Wrath in their infinite wisdom have once again embarked on their Super Sevens campaign and those wise enough to have already paid up their subscription fees will now be enjoying the first 2 shiny vinyl releases of the 6 set to be heading their way. The first song of this batch is appropriately from Wrath's own stables, Being 747's irksome tale of hypochondria and self diagnosis. A lot more menacing and with grittier production than their debut album, this new side to the 747's will most definitely please with its marching guitar, chanted chorus and usual dose of mischievous Moog. The difficult job of following this outstanding opening is given to Leeds scene surfers The Lodger. Their spangled indie guitar and schoolyard boy / girl harmonies just about do the trick but this is not one of their strongest tunes to date. It's pleasant enough and educating the ear for what will no doubt be a blossoming career.



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