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Out Of Your Mind by Riotmind

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Reviewed on 30th July 2005.


Out Of Your Mind

By Riotmind

Pretty middle of the road, harping back to 90's indie drawl here folks. It's not altogether that bad, I suppose. It just isn't really any good either, which is probably bad.

Riotmind have conjured up an EP which lies somewhere between the sweaty armpits of Embrace but with faster riffs and the arse cheeks of the Charlatans but without the swagger and style. A bit like Northern uproar did back in the days. Believe me as well; I would crawl over hot coals to get a bit of an indie renaissance ignited. My Adidas trackie and shell caps are getting musty sitting in my wardrobe, last allowed out in 2002 at a whisk back to '95 shindig at Tumblers in Bradford. God Tumblers was a proper indie club. Full of indie-chicks, miller on tap and bunches of sweating 15 year old lads, hair dragged down over ones face ala Damon swaggering back and forth ala Ian Brown. Know one looked at us funny when we all got in a huddle and jumped up and down screaming "bluetonic" at the top of our little lungs, because they all felt it too. Thanks tumblers!

Anyway Riotmind are gonna do about as much for an indie revolution as Colonel Gaddafi will do for world peace. "Into the light" is perhaps a bit of a standout, but sadly show why this single doesn't really hold any clout. A Sunday afternoon picnic with yer Nan of a tune, comatose vocals perched abreast copious amounts of lurid pads. It all smells a bit of something that might impress you if you were 6 pints to the good and sitting relaxing in the sun. Fourth track "Monday" is poor. I don't have much else to say, very weak musical bed and laggard, yawn yawn lyrics.

I sat down listening to this CD, which is apt. Oh how I wish I was leaping from sofa to sofa. Oh, sod it, I'm gonna go bang Bluetonic on.



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