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Stuffy and The Fuses / The Secret Hairdresser - split single by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 30th July 2005.


Stuffy and The Fuses / The Secret Hairdresser - split single

By Various Artists

Wraths Super Sevens part deux bristles into life with their very own Stuffy at the helm and Steve Albini no less at the mixing desk. Sir Wants Sex, it can only be presumed is the warning to any school girl with a crush on their teacher - "What you gonna do if sir wants sex?" sneers the chorus. True to the mantra of "simple is better" the backbone of this 1 minute 54 belter is a stab, stab, stab guitar lick accompanied by some cunning drumming. Snap, Crackle and Rock! If this is a fore warning of the Albini produced album set for release later this year then start putting your pocket money aside now. A flip of the disc and the second guest slot welcomes Bury St Edmunds pop fruit cakes The Secret Hairdresser and their whirring, beeping and chugging track "Copier". They menace their way through 2 and half minutes with hypnotic close harmonies, descending guitar lines and pop-epic la, la, la, laas. In all a splendid formula for good time at your local "alt" establishment drunkenly using your bottle of WKD as a mic and happily loosing your voice. Bring on the rest please Wrath.



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