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Reviewed on 1st August 2005.



By My Awesome Compilation

I had an awesome compilation once. It had some G n' R, lots of Queen and, I think, some Skid Row and Whitesnake. How times have changed.

This My Awesome Compilation are a Leicester based band, brothers from two families. You know the score - guitar singer, bass, keyboards and drums. Understandably uneager to aspire to the likes of Whitesnake and fellow bands of my previous life's album collection this band has taken an approach sounding more akin to, whisper it, emo. However, to describe it thus though is a little bit simplistic. The band takes in aspects of ska and more traditional punk in addition to emo.

This album follows the 2004 mini album "The View is Amazing". "Actionz" contains lyrics of punky idealism "You've got drive; And you want to succeed" on "Set to Go" and seeming hopes of stardom "We'll set the stage on fire tonight and everyone will sing along" on "Longshot". All stretched over a tight, angular guitar sound with understated keyboards. Ultimately though, the whole shebang feels just a little bit dull and, well, bereft of any emotion.

The voice of youth has completely changed since the advent of grunge. Thirteen years ago Kurt Cobain was stitching together songs about alienation and loss. MAC are as much the voice of this generation of youth, self confident, focussed and precocious. They demand and they get and, if you're into that sort of thing, they dammed sound cool while doing it.



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