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No CV by My Computer

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Reviewed on 3rd August 2005.



By My Computer

If you like your music to the point and under 3 minutes then you might be better taking a wide berth around My Computer. The Mancunian duo positively revel in complex intricate and layered multi-instrumentalism and naturally what you can say in 3 minutes surely deserves a further four to explore that sitar versus metal jet guitar solo.

Produced by John Leckie (he of Stone Roses fame) "No CV" has a deliciously deep sound that befits its wealth of detail. You can only imagine the amount of time it took to mix some tracks leaping between guitar, percussion, samples, mutli-layered vocals, accordion, flutes, a full orchestra, classical piano and dance beats and that's just the first two minutes.

So with so much going on does this all add up to one mother of all albums or does it just provide a guaranteed headache? In truth a little bit of both. The problem with combining everything under the sun is that when it works you really do strike gold, but when it doesn't you just have a big audio mess. 100 listens and there would still be something new to get out of this album but it's unlikely you would have the patience as there are very few immediate tit-bits to get going with. Opener "Lonely" is a big guitar drum machine stomp with the "obvious" classical piano outro (?), "Stumble" is just an excellent song underneath, meaning it wears its additional layers well. Despite its over enthusiastic middle "The Boy I Used To Be" is also some remarkable composition work. But "Life" is an example of when too much is just too much and "Don't Go Where I've Been" loses its appeal the longer it goes on, and it really goes on.

It's not surprising there is no one artist that My Computer sounds like. The biog's references to Tim Buckley vs. Aphex Twin are as valid as many others. At times there are hints of Sack and once or twice Badly Drawn Boy only less pop. There is definitely a Mersey twang to the voice and melody but it would hard to hold it down as it squirms in and out of songs somewhere in the background.

A fascinating album, more science than music at times, but a definite one to scratch both chin and head too in the same moment.



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