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Reviewed on 3rd August 2005.



By The Hype Foundation

Ignore the crap name. Just pretend there called something cool like "Cranky Gypsy" or "Superwolf" and proceed with the listening. Cause name barring, this is a really prime piece of work.

"Just like Gravity" draws comparison of Mogwai or more up to press "Bloc party", but still holds its own enough to draw you in. The dry, gravelled voice of "Ciaran" comfortably meanders hand in hand with a vibrant guitar riff and clandestine Drum march. Additional elements joining the stroll as the track dies away and then regroups into a mammoth, and quiet splendid crescendo. Whew I need a cigarette.

"Red lights" follows in style, impregnated with the same youthful buzz and foot stomping bassline. But the aforementioned both stand aside and lay the red carpet out for the Gong bashing climax which is "Eskimo" A feast of piano led melody and elegant guitar which endlessly plots a illicit course through the backdrop. THF have nailed this track and made it bleed deliciousness, vocally it is quiet fantastic, epic almost.

This EP is really, really sweet and not a missed beat to be seen. Bravo, well done. Yes Siree, expect a Fresh meat appearance on Zipper Lowe's show anyday.



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