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Future Perfect by Autolux

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Reviewed on 4th August 2005.


Future Perfect

By Autolux

Only Los Angeles could produce something as cool and pretentious as Autolux. Dark art noise rock that gives the impression smiling is banned 'cause it is too passť. The three piece sound like The Wannadies stripped of all their pop, daubed in the blood of Radiohead and learning Sonic Youth's songs whilst being produced by Garbage... all of this on a very, very bad day.

From the brooding drum intro of the immense "Turnstile Blues" the scene is set. Guitars are not made for playing kids, they are made for whirring and feeding back. Eugene Goreshter's vocals are that tone which begs the question of the uninitiated listener "is this a boy or girl?" It all sits together wonderfully well. Songs like "Angry Candy" and "Subzero Fun" are downer classics in waiting while "Blanket" has one of the best "fuck you I'm a slacker" riffs ever committed to tape.

If you are not a fan of attitude inspired content then Autolux are really going to get right on your wick, but if you need a soundtrack for a bad mood then Future Perfect is exactly it.



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