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Heathen Angel - Volume 2 by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 7th August 2005.


Heathen Angel - Volume 2

By Various Artists

The last compilation album I bought was Now 29 on cassette back in 1994 and the last time I saw it was in 1998 when it was discovered in a draw full of old musty books after which it was thrown into a plastic bin bag and donated to some orphans. Looking back on it now it seems a little harsh since those kids had no parents and their only form of music was a collection of utterly crap pop music.

Now if I had sent them a copy of Heathen Angel Volume 2 then their lives could have been just that little bit cheerier. Featuring 19 unsigned acts from up and down the UK and one from the U.S this collection demonstrates that there's a ton of talent out there just waiting to be spotted.

As with most compilation CDs like this there are always going to be some songs that float your boat while others will bore you. Now maybe I'm being biased but the majority of top notch tunes here seem to come from our own beloved scene. "Apathy Is Easy" by Ten Seconds Of Chaos wins the award for high octane catchy as hell rock epic while The Nervous Shakedown stand out as masters of sleazy stoner rock with "Come With Me".

Nova and Parisman also demonstrate a knack from making casual experimental nonsense that shouldn't work yet does to my sheer delight. However standout track has to go to I am Jack who manage to steal the show with their ambitious space rock extravaganza that shimmers almost silently before bursting into life. This is the sound God would make if he sneezed while strolling round heaven.

The rest of the CD features a little bit of everything with Clare Blackman and The Echo representing the folk scene. Of course there are a couple of dud tracks here and there with Transit Cop attempting to sound like The Departure with their angular 80s influenced rock. But since The Departure are atrocious it doesn't give Transit Cop much to go on.

Anyway at 3 for 20 songs you can't really go wrong and I guarantee that this CD is miles better than Now 29. No really it is.



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