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Untitled by Whiskycats

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Reviewed on 9th August 2005.



By Whiskycats

Bit of a weird one here people as Whiskycats are a reviewer's nightmare with all their genre bending activities. Just as you're about to write them off as just another cheery pop band off they go and throw some funk into the mix to confuse me. But that's ok I can deal with that, yeah, funky pop is fine with me. This is nice - I like "Amsterdam" it sounds like the theme tune Al Capone would have had if he were a cartoon character.

So funky pop it is then. Wait no there's some jazz in "Locked Out Lover", which means we've now got funky jazzy pop. This is getting complicated yet it's still so simplistic, easy on the ear and a delight to revel in. Though I'm not really overpowered with joy I could still happily sit here all day amongst the infectious tunes and terribly English humour.

Well final song "Sentiment" is here and with it another genre. So now we finish with funky jazzy latin pop and yet again it works. Not sure how or even why but it does. I'm confused but I'm happy and that's what really matters.



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