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Reviewed on 13th August 2005.



By Turnbull ACs

Any band that has no drummer, but a 'keys/ beats' man must be kind of interesting, right? Well, Turnbull ACs certainly think so.

Four tracks of upbeat indie dance/rock, with a synth twist, the band can't be faulted for ideas that's for sure. There are chugging guitar lines and four-to-the-floor beats all over this CD, brimming with ideas and interesting sounds, but I think that maybe this is just the building blocks to something better and something brighter.

Their scope and vision certainly is an interesting one, and quite enjoyable if you happen to like fast paced indie music, and like to have a drug fuelled boogie, but their ideas only go so far before being limited by their use of technology. Maybe a bit too much synth in places, not enough in others, or maybe tacky samples cluttering up an otherwise worthy attempt. Still, give this lot a year or so, and hopefully they should be on top of their game.

If it's the slightly more bizarre cousin to Leeds' own Rediffusion that you're after, then this is well worth checking out.



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