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Wishing Well by Harrisons

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Reviewed on 24th August 2005.


Wishing Well

By Harrisons

Come on then. Let's hear it for the Yorkshire accent. This chunky, 'T'-dropping, broad wedge of a thing is ace; so sing in it. Sing loudly, grumbly, rumbly and as proudly as only true rhubarb-farming, tweed-wearing, gig-going Yorkshire folks can. This is what Harrisons do and, judging by the pogo-popping ratrace of 'Wishing Well', we'll all be joining in banging bits of wood and steel together like native cavemen, shouting out the tagline "I've got the key and I know where to go" like raving hillbillies. Or something.

So. Rocketing from the soupy industrial pollution of Sheffield is yet another rebellious, snarly bunch of leg-jerking tunes courtesy of a ramshackle menagerie of Northern types. This first single is a fantastic knot of a raggedy riot for kids in tattered, splattered garb; a taut, rollicking, straightforward, no-strings part-AY, in other words, which will get you scuffing your battered trainers on the squeaky floors and spinning around like a giddy hippy at a summer solstice.

That strange concoction of a voice belonging to frontman Jubby (what do you bet me that nickname got him some cruel jibes as a tot in the playground?) has enough of the gloopy, delicious grime of Yellow Stripe Nine's Pete Wurlitzer to send a seductive, predatory shiver down your spine during the verses combined with yelping barks as he spits out the choruses onto the crummy pavements. Drumkits fire off rounds of iron bullets whilst guitars are stuck having epileptic fits on one chord and cymbals ski around drunkenly at the back, crashing into the bar and giggling maniacally.

B-side 'Out Tonight' is a mere piddly squid of a song in comparison boasting the line "I'm going out tonight, because the TV's full of shite". The reason you would actually go out, though, is not that the TV's full of shite (because we established that several years ago when Channel Five graced us with its presence) but because Harrisons are playing, silly. Enjoy.



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