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It's Alright by The Dodgems

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Reviewed on 24th August 2005.


It's Alright

By The Dodgems

History has not quite made up its mind about Alan McGee's place at its table. At the helm of Creation he was once hailed as the saviour of the British independent scene, but then he signed Oasis and in one fell swoop invented AOR stadium Indie and lit the flames of chav culture. The music scene has now matured into something far more ugly, boys who own hair straightners, look prettier than the girls and suck their cheeks in to enhance those withered looks. Not surprisingly as someone with his finger on the pulse and not wanting to miss out on this "exciting" wave of fashion Mr McGee is busily flooding Poptones roster with haircuts, 80's leather jackets and retro trackie tops. Cue The Dodgems who are about as unique in this new scene as a worker bee in a hive. Let's be fair there's little wrong with the formula, it's like Razorlight x Jet to the power of all other "The" bands. But a formula it is and these Sheffield lads sound fine on your stereo before quickly removing themselves from your memory one track at a time. It's harsh because they're not bad and they're no different to so many others, but baked beans are still just baked beans no matter whether they are HP, Heinz or Sainsbury's and frankly it's getting a little hard to get excited about them anymore.



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