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Drawing Silence by In:Audium

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Reviewed on 25th August 2005.


Drawing Silence

By In:Audium

How exactly do you "draw" silence then? Do you sit down with a crayon and a piece of paper next the National Institute for the Mute and wait for something non-vocal to grab your artistic muse? In:Audium's debut release doesn't really solve this puzzling conundrum but it does give voice (ahem) to their status as the latest promising rock/metal upstarts from our neck of the woods.

The three tracks on "Drawing Silence" are dark, bleak brooding quasi-grunge-riffola that call to mind Alice In Chains, Helmet and (from a more contemporary slant) Audioslave. Vocal wise I'm detecting a very strong Layne Staley influence here in the enunciation of the words and in the drawn out endings of notes. Is this a good thing? Of course. Overall production is good, with all the instruments balanced well in the mix, and the shimmery flanged guitar parts combing well with the heavier distorted passages. The inclusion of a spoken-word sample at the end of the second track works well and adds a sophisticated level of panache to proceedings. I was also impressed with the drummers tub-thumping endeavours: well played sir!

The title track "Drawing Silence" is probably the strongest of the three; it's as upbeat as In:Audium get and has some interesting hooks and twists amongst the heavy riffing. A rather clichéd, uninspired guitar solo at the end doesn't really spoil the song but takes the shine off an otherwise strong potential single. "Mainstream Consciousness" starts off very nicely with some Incubus-esque guitar stylings but loses its way a bit towards the end of its seven minutes. "Sleep Well Tonight" is a strong, stirring finish to the CD, and does call to mind some of the earlier-mentioned Alice In Chains comparisons. Overall, a good attempt, and definitely ones to file in the "ones to watch" section.



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