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The Ground Breaker by Fallacy & Fusion

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Reviewed on 1st June 2002.


The Ground Breaker

By Fallacy & Fusion

Fallacy & Fusion are a rap ensemble from London who play Leeds in the near future. The initial 47second "News Flash" is quite amusing and, I assume, informative if you can understand the incestuous slang that dominates it. The front cover shows two young men, dressed in black, looking rather mean. Welcome to the world of hip-hop.

The duo show formidable skill, speed and fluency against a musical backdrop that incorporates a broken, offbeat rhythm with stabs of synth brass, wood bass and simpering female backing. However, "The Ground Breaker" goes on to say how they "break it down, shake it down" and are generally hard mothers who blow away all competition etc etc. Hmmm... what year is this? I'm sure I have been hearing the same thing again and again since I first noticed hip-hop in the mid '80s. And why they insist on putting three versions of the same song one after another mystifies me.

As a product in itself, it is quite average and has little of the originality of bands like The Streets. But I welcome them to Leeds, which is bloated by ska/metal/punk - simply not representative of our nation as a whole. Rap/Hip-Hop is massive in the South and for Leeds to rival the capital or even its Northern peers, Manchester and Sheffield, it needs to broaden its taste. Like any other genre, it has to be heard at all levels - pathetically amateur, pro contender and multi-platinum selling, just as we witness the full spectrum of rock/indie bands. There is no healthy appreciation of the skills involved if we only get to hear such music when it is studio perfect and a top 20 hit.

Look out for Fallacy & Fusion when they play Leeds, go and see them and decide for yourself.



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