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Audio Vandalism by Kanuba

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Reviewed on 4th September 2005.


Audio Vandalism

By Kanuba

Kanuba are the fretboard funkateers looking to put the pork into York and the groove into West Yorkshire with their latest EP release. Following on from their self-titled CD release earlier this year, "Audio Vandalism" contains seven tracks that meld the sassy ass-shaking groove of a New Orleansian dancehall with the driving grunge riffing of Seattle in the early nineties.

First track "Freedom" has a cool, dirty swaggering riff and an elevatingly catchy chorus; however the song does bear a bit of a passing similarity to "Evenflow" by Pearl Jam. Good attempt though, and as an opening number it succeeds in drawing the listener in. "Catchment " follows, and is a more sedate affair overall, its calm arppegiated guitar lines progressing into a strong Foo Fighters-esque chorus.

Elsewhere tracks range in style from the early Chilli Peppers rapping and groove of "Small Dark Place" to the Zeppelin riffing of "Lately". Funkiest of the lot is "Feeling Fine ", which features some silky bass playing and sounds like Jaco Pastorious jamming with Soundgarden. Strongest song is probably closer "Angels Weep" which (as the title;suggests) is a bit of a power ballad from the Kanuba boys but is quite a knockout with its delicate lilting vocal line and some tastefully delicate guitar work.

Good work and a strong attempt overall- the CD doesn't really flag at any point during the proceedings and offers an interesting assortment of styles and professional level of musicianship to keep even the casual listener's attention. Worth checking out.



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