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Keep From Breathing by Cypher

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Reviewed on 1st October 2001.


Keep From Breathing

By Cypher

It's hard to write critically about something I haven't had any interest in, nor have any knowledge about. As I struggle to wonder how anyone else could possibly admit to liking this form of low-key electronica, let alone playing it occasionally in the solitude of their own room, I think that maybe Cypher deserve to be reviewed in a more professional manner; so trying to keep personal tastes on one side, here goes.

There's a dark atmosphere throughout, with the very slow tempo giving a constant melancholy air to their music. Cypher certainly don't intend subscribing to "Writing Pop Songs", which is no bad thing, but at the same time there's nothing here as substitute. The programming is pretty straightforward - to be honest there's probably better samples, or even basic beats available via your average Making Music cover disk. Finally, the occasional effects annoyed me; see vocals in "Exposed".

The shining light throughout the CD is the vocals, both Mark and Jane Hadley have great voices and their technique is perfect; I just wish they were singing over a backing track which had just a bit more meat to it, something to get into.

There may be well an audience for Cypher, and I'd be honestly interested in knowing who does this genre to acclaim - if only to dispel any worries I have that I may be doing the band injustice.



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