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Control of the Stereo by Narco

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Reviewed on 9th September 2005.


Control of the Stereo

By Narco

Narco are the start of a riot. Machine gun fire pings round my room and I duck for cover before the dirty grinding bass line of 'Hey You' kicks in like an exploding atom bomb on repeat. It sounds like Billy Idol marshalling an army of mentalist rockers into a suicidal war of punk rock excess. You know the drill - sex, violence, drugs and even more sex with some extra violence for good measure. I'm well up for a bit of this.

The carpet bombs continue to rain down with 'Worth It', a snarling, chanting, stomper of a song that continues to snarl and stomp until its end. Singer Cave's ranting voice comes across like the evil twin of Graham Coxon, urging me on to battle, and now readers I'm on my feet, ready to don my army clobber before I shave my hair off with a blunt Bic. Let me at 'em!

By track three however the Narco formula is becoming apparent and I decide to exchange my camouflage combats for a much more comfortable nightgown in anticipation of an early night. After such an impressive start this promising band diminish with little effort into constant riffs of dirty bass and jumping power chords that only ever jump in one direction.

There's a promising comeback with track seven, 'The 2nd Evolution', which uses interesting keyboard lines and quirky noises to lift the record but all in all Narco just come across a bit contrived and, well, pretty much punk rock by numbers.

The band isn't helped by a press release that tells tales of using cocks as plectrums and endless pissed up nights on the binge. OK, I shouldn't moan about a press release but come on people it's 2005 for gods sake, aren't we sick of this bullshit?

Towers of London anyone? Didn't think so.



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