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Long Hot Summer by Helen Love

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Reviewed on 15th September 2005.


Long Hot Summer

By Helen Love

Swansea's answer to the Bonsai Kittens return with an absolute corker of a song which, had it been released two months earlier, might just have been a smart outside bet for a surprise summer hit single. As it is, it's the middle of September and tanking it down with rain outside as I write this but there you go.

Well anyway, all you need to know is that "Long Hot Summer" (no relation to the Style Council song in case anyone was wondering) is a reet little beaut of a tune, shamelessly nicking its bubblegum punk stylings from early Ramones but blasting them out with such enthusiasm and tunefulness that you can't help but love it. And any song which namechecks everyone from the Undertones to Jonathan Richman to Brenda Lee just can't fail in the summer singalong stakes if you ask me.

Like I say, pity it's come out in September. Ah well... listen to this and relive the good memories you have of the last three months. It's well worthwhile.



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On 15th September 2005 at 17:16 Anonymous 3468 wrote...

Blimey. Helen Love.


On 16th September 2005 at 09:22 Anonymous 30 wrote...

Blast from le past


On 16th September 2005 at 09:25 Anonymous 3688 wrote...

Did she do that song that went "I'm under heavy sedation since I heard about the Kula Shalker Scene"?


On 16th September 2005 at 20:31 Anonymous 3946 wrote...

Aye, it was called "Does Your Heart Go Boom?" - it also slagged off Bush (the Brit-grungers not the US president). Ah, happy days...



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