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Fragments from the Wilderness by Echodine

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Reviewed on 16th September 2005.


Fragments from the Wilderness

By Echodine

Bump. A packet lands on the floor. Great! More music to Osmosise. Echodine? Aww man, is this one of those, "one man and his bleep machine" affairs? Play... ahh, gladly not.

Apologies for judging the book, Echodine are not some fat guy with a battery stuck up his ass. Echodine are all big riffs, cave man bass lines and banshee vocals. I.D.S.T.F.A.E. None of this Cubase and I crap. In fact, if Echodine ever saw a computer, they'd stick a piece of bread in it and reach for the Veloceraptor sauce... probably.

Enough yammer, let us delve.

"Drip Dry" has one of those riffs that would give any metaller a thumping three day binge of a headache through some severe brain-bruising head nutting. It's a hum-dinger all right, and the bass pounds along like an Ironmonger. It's one of those guitar lines that you are sure you've heard before, but haven't. A neat skill to have whilst in this profession. All four tracks are related in this way, like one big disgusting incestuous orgy. Todmorden style. But there are also careful elements of melody incorporated into this bitch's brew, which is a relief for my little earsy-wearsies.

"Common Denominator" is for me, the best track on show, with its stalking vocals and icy melodies. Echoes of Tool's second album, but with the riffery of the two tracks passed. It is situated in the right area of the demo too, its backbone. If you pummel me for too long, I'll go tell my mommy. But a little beating is good for discipline, and a little tenderness will leave me yours forever.

It does have its bona-fide Echodine credentials however, but they are in shorter bursts, and are ultimately more rewarding. This is a side the band must use to their advantage, and it appears their Explosions In The Sky leanings have been beneficial. It is not a soft under-belly though, I must stress, as I don't want these primates coming round my gaff with their knuckles scraping along the floor.

The one niggler I still have is track 4, "Soft Toy". The band may disagree, but do Wah-Wah's belong in music? I leave you this to discuss on your forum, as this is where most people seem to exist these days.

Cyber-Bye byes.



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On 16th September 2005 at 18:56 Anonymous 3667 wrote...



On 17th September 2005 at 00:21 Anonymous 3717 wrote...

Awesome review.


Wah is the coolest pedal anyone has ever invented ever. Ask Jimi.


On 17th September 2005 at 13:37 Anonymous 3413 wrote...

I talked to Jimi last night, and he's not amused by this wah prejudice. He said that the sound of a wah pedal is second only to the sound of a woman makin' lurve. He so such a crazy kat. Anyhow, great review. Nothing like a big disgusting incestuous orgy, musical or otherwise.



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