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Supercity by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 20th September 2005.



By Various Artists

Hurrah it's a concept compilation album here. The basic idea is that "internationally renowned" architect Will Alsop came up with a new exhibition called "Supercity". Ten new artists from Fat Northerner Records then took a quick peek and made some tunes based on their interpretations.

Considering I've not been to the exhibition and the CD didn't come with any artwork it's a little tricky for one to relate the music to the images. However as a showcase for the talent on the label's roster then this is a mighty fine exhibition in itself. What we have here is a tiptop collection of inventive songs with almost something for everyone though within ten tracks it is impossible to cater for all needs so I'll ask those hoping for Swedish fantasy metal to look elsewhere.

Casual Saints and Earl take on the electro and dance duties while Chimes bring the rock sounding like an early Cult being put through the blender with any number of successful American bands from the last 12 years. But if that wasn't enough for you Ironweed has a voice so deep and smooth that you'd be forgiven for thinking Barry White had recently been resurrected. The rest of the album continues along the theme of being excellent with not one single dud or weak track. With all the variety in acts it's not going to get everyone excited. But if you've got a wide musical pallet then this little gem may just be up your street.

Still wouldn't mind seeing the exhibition though.



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On 20th September 2005 at 20:41 Anonymous 481 wrote...

I saw the exhibition at Urbis in Manchester. It was quite good. A minature railway style model showing Leeds Manchester and Liverpool all linked up with superhighways and future trains and some nice photoshop work too. The CD sounds good.



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