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I Wonder How by The Shining

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Reviewed on 1st June 2002.


I Wonder How

By The Shining

They have a name you're sure you've heard before, they have an image you know you've seen before and surprise surprise they have a song that sounds like an awful lot gone before. It's conspiracy / musical formula theorist heaven! Clever folk these marketing people. For The Shining read Noel Gallagher and Richard Ashcroft decided to have genetically modified child and when they went to pick out the genes they wanted they chose a cross between Starsailor and Primal Scream. For my children we are in the land of big swirly epic sounding guitars and north western drawling accents, layered upon big industrial sounding anthemic keyboards, played at a plodding swing pace. It's all very neatly produced, it will sell like hotcakes with the right marketing behind it, but it isn't lighting my candle, as it hasn't done since Oasis made their second album. With some lo-fi sweetness and less naivety in the lyrics department this might have some genuine longevity. As it is The Shining will have to rely on that other tried and tested tactic - shove it down your throat until you agree to buy it... clever these marketing folk! eh?



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