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Safe As Fuck by Goldie Lookin' Chain

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Reviewed on 22nd September 2005.


Safe As Fuck

By Goldie Lookin' Chain

Those Newport Boys are back. Unlike debut 'Greatest Hits', which featured many songs that had beeing doing the rounds of the 'Port for many years, this is a batch of brand new songs from the GLC. By now you should know the drill and if you liked 'em before you'll be more endeared, if you're sick of mums with cocks and being warned of the dangers of rappers then it's unlikely you'll be swayed by this current collection.

Musically it's decent fare with some cool hooks and in 'RnB' and 'Monkey' melodies that would easily hold their own alongside anything by the current crop of boy bands. There's even a lovely sample of the Grange Hill theme tune on 'Charmschool'. You might concentrate more on trying to learn all the rude words but as you are you'll discover your feet tapping along too and perhaps even your hands will thow out random gangsta moves.

The lyrics are of course the GLC's master weapon; puerile of course but undeniably funny. From the insane "because the woman of my dreams just happens to be a monkey locked up in Bristol Zoo" in 'Monkey' (a song that would be beautiful if sung by Blue about a woman and not by Eggsy about a simian) to the just plain vulgar in 'Sister', "like locomotives that've run out of track, your sister's fit as fuck and your vag has gone slack".

'Shit Song' has a pop at the growing number of undistinguishable songs that sell based on a video rather than an artist's talent and whilst the GLC may be throwing rocks from a glass house there's enough content on their second album to prove that the joke hasn't worn thin yet.



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